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A photo showing three sharps bins on the wall

Covid Updates - Spring 2024

Covid spring booster vaccination program and how vulnerable patients can access anti-viral medication when unwell with Covid-19.

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, this post highlights the common symptoms that patients may present with.

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Patient Participation Group

We would like to refresh how our Patient Participation Group works so it can support Priory patients and teams day to day, as well as work with Healthwatch during 2024. We want to understand more about you and help you understand more about us.

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Cherry Street Update

A update regarding the temporary suspension of services at our Cherry Street branch.

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Cherry Street

Due to front of house staff shortages we are temporarily suspending services at Cherry Street over the winter. This allows us to consolidate our staff and ensure we can continue to provide safe care to all of our patients.

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A photo showing Dr Knight checking a patients ears

Routine Appointments

We have experienced an unprecedented demand for urgent, on the day demand over the last few months combined with a high level of short term clinician sickness. This has led to us needing to cancel a huge number of routine clinics, pushing back the wait for a routine appointment past the 3-4 weeks mark.

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A photo showing Dr Brooks using a computer

A letter to our patients

A letter sent to our patients via SMS and shared in the media highlighting the abuse some of our staff have been experiencing recently.

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Shared care agreements with private providers

As recommended by the LMC and commissioners, we have the following policy on taking over shared care agreements from private providers.

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A photo showing a BNF

Prescribing for fear of flying

Due to a medical safety alert from Aviation trained doctors; we have taken the decision to no longer prescribe sedating drugs such as Diazepam, which is sometimes used to treat fear of flying, and medications such as Zopiclone, which is used as a sleeping tablet.

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