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Learning Disability

A phot showing Dr Callaghan with blood taking equipmentLearning Disability Reviews

Patients with learning disability can have poorer physical and mental health compared to the general population. They can sometimes find it hard to know when they are unwell or tell someone about it. An annual health check can improve people's health by spotting problems early on before they become an issue. It also gives people time to talk about the things that are worrying them.

Patients can get used to visiting the surgery and familiarise themselves with the surroundings and staff so that access becomes as easy as possible. The check allows them to take charge of their own health care. They will receive a Health Action Plan at the end of the consultation. This plan is a great way to help summarise the issues discussed in the health check. It is useful as it allows patients to take control of their own wellness, enabling them to get involved in making better health choices.

Who can have an annual health check?

Anyone over the age of 14 with a learning disability is entitled to an annual health check.

What will happen at your health check?

One of our reception staff will phone to make an appointment that is suitable for the patient and anyone they wish to bring for support. Adjustments can be made if necessary to help accommodate the appointment. A pre-health questionnaire will be sent in the post to allow the patient to document any concerns they may have and to find out useful information beforehand. The appointment will have extra time to discuss general health, lifestyle, any problems identified or ongoing medical issues and any medication that are being taken.

There will then be a top to toe physical assessment and a discussion about any screening or vaccinations that are required. Together with the clinician and the patient a Health Action Plan will be produced, which the patient can take away. Following on from the health check referral to the social prescriber for health wellbeing support will be offered.