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Referrals & Resources

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NHS Referrals

Following a consultation with one of our clinicians, you may be advised an onward referral is appropriate. This may be for an X-ray, scan or to a hospital outpatient clinic. All referrals sent to York Hospital to request an outpatient appointment are triaged by the Vale of York CCG Referral Support Service – more information here

There is currently a backlog of routine clinic referrals awaiting appointments within the whole of the NHS following the Covid-19 pandemic. This may mean you are waiting weeks or months longer than you are expecting. We are only able to ask specialists to expedite your appointment if there is a change to the clinical urgency. We ask that you are patient and avoid contacting us to chase up your referral unless there is a worsening of your symptoms.

If you have already been referred, you can contact The Outpatient Booking Line on 01904 726400 to amend, cancel or chase any referrals. 

Two Week Wait Cancer Referrals

A ‘Two Week Wait’ (2WW) referral is a referral to ask the hospital for an urgent appointment for you, because you have symptoms that might indicate that you have cancer. The majority of patients referred under the 2WW system have a simple condition and do not have cancer. Do make sure we have the correct contact details as the hospital will either contact you by phone or post to arrange your appointment within two weeks.