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The NHS is aware of a global IT outage which is leading to disruption in some GP practices. We have not been affected. Patients should continue to attend appointments and use our telephone and digital systems as normal.

Community Diagnostic Centre

A photo showing a nurse taking a patients blood pressure

Community Diagnositic Centre (CDC)

NHS England have now commissioned community diagnostic centres to carry out a range of diagnostic tests.

These tests include ECGs, blood-taking, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and some breathing tests (spirometry and FENO). As such, these tests will no longer be available within the practice. Our closest centre is run by Nimbuscare and based at Askham Bar.

We will still provide a limited number of ECG and blood-taking appointments in house, which will be reserved for those unable to travel to Askham Bar or other blood-taking services such as the Community Stadium and York Hospital. For all other tests, patients will be asked to attend Askham Bar.

We are only able to refer housebound patients to the district nursing team for blood taking.

Please note this is a decision over which we as a practice had no control. Thank you for your understanding.