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The NHS is aware of a global IT outage which is leading to disruption in some GP practices. We have not been affected. Patients should continue to attend appointments and use our telephone and digital systems as normal.


A photo showing a prescription box in reception

How to order your repeat prescription

You can request your repeat prescriptions in a variety of ways either online or if you do not have online access you can use the prescription boxes based at our reception desks or post us your request if easier. Please ensure paper requests are legible and include your name and date of birth or use the repeat slip attached to your prescription.

It is easier for the practice and pharmacies if you are able to request all medication you might need that month together, in one request. We can issue medication a few days early if required, to sync up all your repeats. Prescription requests can take up to 5 days to be processed at the practice and sent to your pharmacy. Please ensure you order in good time.

Mondays are an extremely busy day for our team processing prescription requests as we have the weekend queries to manage so please bear with us.

You can no longer use the prescription phone line to request repeat prescriptions. This is due to the risk of transcription errors between the patient (or representative) and the person taking the call/listening to the voicemail message. Patient safety is of paramount importance to us and hence the need for this change.

How to request repeat prescriptions via your smart phone, tablet or computer:

prioryCARE: This is a really simple way to request your prescriptions without the need to register for an account and choose the "medication related" tile and then click “repeat prescription”, add some detail and then your request is sent straight to the prescription admin team to be processed. The form is available 5am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

prioryCARE form

NHS App: easily request repeat prescriptions 24/7 or update your nominated pharmacy.

Sign up to the NHS app

SystmOnline: This is a very convenient way of managing your prescriptions 24/7, you need to be registered for this service. You can bookmark/favourite the SystmOnline website for ease of access in the future.

Please navigate to our ‘Online Patient Services’ page to find out how to sign up for an account. 

Access your SystmOnline Account

Medication review

Even continuous medication needs to be reviewed periodically by one of our clinical pharmacists or GPs. You will be advised when ordering your medication if a review is due. Online providers such as SysmOnline and the NHSapp will remove the option for you to request your repeat medication if you are due a review. You will be able to request a medication review by using our the prioryCARE online form (choose "medication related" tile) or by phoning the surgery to arrange.

Prescription queries

If you have a problem with one of your medications or want to discuss continuing a short-term medication, please choose the “medication related” tile (then “medication queries”) on the prioryCARE form. You can also phone us on 01904 404100 and the patient central team will pass your query on to the prescription admin/pharmacy team.

Medication changes from a hospital clinic appointment

It can take some time (up to 28 days) for us to receive and process a letter following your clinic appointment, so we ask that you are patient with us. Once we do receive a letter, our prescription admin and pharmacy team will process any medication changes and update your record accordingly. You may be asked to make an appointment if the clinic letter suggests a number of options.

Supplying medication ahead of travelling

As per BMA and NHS guidance we are only able to issue a maximum of three months (84 days) of medication for patients travelling for a prolonged period. It is expected you will seek advice and medication abroad if travelling for longer than this. This is limited to 1 month (28 days) for controlled drugs.

For shorter holidays, please contact the practice in good time with details of your travelling plans/duration so that we can ensure prescriptions are safely reviewed and issued where appropriate.