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Travel Clinic

A photo showing a clinician getting a vaccine out of the fridgeTravel Clinic

The Priory Medical Group Travel Clinics are open to all patients of the Practice and our specialist nurses will undertake a risk assessment based on your travel plans and will provide advice on recommended vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis. NHS vaccines are provided free of charge; Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio. Please submit a nurse appointment request online via our prioryCARE online form phone 01904 404100 to discuss further.

All other travel vaccines can be provided at our MASTA clinic. This is a private clinic and there will be a charge for vaccines.

The Priory Medical Group MASTA Travel Clinic is open to registered and non-registered patients, it is based at the Priory Medical Centre in Acomb. Please note this is a private clinic and there will be a charge for this service. Travel Health is a specialised area of medicine and our travel health nurses operate to strict clinical protocols and will undertake a full risk assessment with every consultation based on the information you provide about your itinerary and medical history.

The clinic offers a full range of vaccinations and anti-malarial medication and nurses have access to the latest travel heath information, provided by MASTA’s clinical team. MASTA Travel Clinics using e-clinic have access to a unique in-house computerised clinical management system which stores electronic records for on-going management of your travel needs.

All vaccines and anti-malarial drugs are stored on-site and are readily available. A range of useful healthcare items is also available to protect against such hazards as biting insects, unsafe water, exposure to strong sunlight and travellers’ diarrhoea.

It is important to understand that travel health is a specialised area of medicine and at your initial consultation you will be asked a few short questions regarding your travel plans, your health and any previous vaccinations. Most vaccinations are well tolerated with few side effects - the nurse will discuss any that may apply to you.