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The NHS is aware of a global IT outage which is leading to disruption in some GP practices. We have not been affected. Patients should continue to attend appointments and use our telephone and digital systems as normal.


A photo showing an asthma inhaler

Asthma and COPD

Annual reviews were suspended during the peak of the pandemic. They are now up and running but with some backlogs. People may be invited for testing (FeNO or Spirometry) that involves them breathing through a tube in order to assess their condition, if you have a question about this do speak with our specialist respiratory nurses.

We recently started a green project to reduce the carbon output from inhalers which can cut significant amounts of the NHS contribution to greenhouse gasses. You can find out more online ( or ask the nursing or pharmacy team, if you wish to see what green options may be suitable for you.

If you wish to learn more about asthma, COPD or other lung conditions, including videos about inhaler technique, visit the asthma/lung UK website. If you need this information in other languages, visit this page.

Asthma Review

Asthma patients will get a text (SMS) invite to answer some questions online and this will allow us to assess your risk. High risk patients will be invited to book an appointment those at lower risk from their asthma will be asked to book their own appointment - this may be a telephone appointment. Those without a mobile number on their record or who have not consented to text messaging will be contacted by other means. If you have a question about your asthma or are worried about worsening symptoms, you can contact us using the prioryCARE form (choose nurse appointment > I have a question about my asthma) or call 01904 404100.

COPD Review

Patients with COPD will be invited for their review with a specialist respiratory nurse. You can also request a review using the prioryCARE form or by calling 01904 404100.

From time to time we work with other healthcare agencies with projects to target people whose asthma or COPD could be better controlled. If you are invited to take part in these, be reassured your data is held confidentially as per NHS standards.