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Self care

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Self care gives you the information and confidence to look after your own health and to make decisions about when it is necessary to visit the doctor. This encourages you to take control of your own health, make healthy decisions and avoid ill-health in the long term. Self care also decreases the number of consultations, enabling doctors to care for higher risk patients and provide new services. In a time where NHS resources are stretched, this means money can be spent where it’s needed most thus increasing positive health outcomes and ultimately ensuring the long-term sustainability of our health system.

‘How can I self care?’

In many cases, people feel comfortable taking care of their minor ailments such as coughs and colds, especially when they are able to recognise their symptoms and have successfully treated in the past. If you are unsure, you can approach your local community pharmacy for advice.

At Priory Medical Group, we are here to support you in your self care. The links below are resources and fact sheets for some common ailments which you might like to look at before consulting a doctor. If you think you are seriously unwell, see our contact pages for how to get in touch.

Self Care Videos
Priory Medical Group Resources
Self Care Fact Sheets
Pain Management Patient Resources


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