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Patient Participation Group (PPG)

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Thanks for showing an interest in our Patient Participation Group, Friends of Priory. The group is coordinated by Danny Young, customer services manager and our clinical lead is GP partner Dr Abbie Brooks.

Our Mission Statement

We will work together with the mutual aim of improving the health and wellbeing of Priory patients, staff, and the local community. We will share ideas in an open, honest and respectful forum that encourages collaboration, empowerment and engagement. We believe that patients should be equal partners in their care and be able to help shape the services offered. We will work in a positive environment and focus our efforts on what can be done. We will help shape and positively influence how Priory delivers healthcare to its patients, the surgery environment, and the interaction between patient and surgery.

Our Values and Principles

single pixel  We will be respectful of the opinions and ideas of everyone.

single pixel  We will be positive and ensure everyone has a voice.

single pixel  We will not dwell on negatives, or use this forum to raise complaints.

single pixel  We will engage, listen and collaborate to make positive change.

single pixel  We will celebrate success, and work hard on any areas identified for improvement.

single pixel  Our group will be representative of, and celebrate, the diversity of our patient population.

What we do

We will meet quarterly, either by virtual means or face to face, and welcome ideas and suggestions from all involved. It may be that the Practice has a change proposed and would welcome the views and comments of our patients prior to implementation. In the main, the agenda should be dictated by the members of the group. It must be stressed that this is not the right forum for any complaints or specific clinical issues.

How to sign up

If you have an interest in joining the group and have a natural positivity and desire to influence positive change, we would love to hear from you. You can email to register your interest, or ask one of our receptionists or call handlers (01904 404100) to do this on your behalf. We will need your name, address and contact details. Thereafter, we will contact you with details of events that you can hopefully become involved in.



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