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Overview of contraception

Dr Broughton gives an overview of the commonest forms of contraception available at Priory Medical Group.  

Contraception is free.

To reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, condoms are recommended, particularly in any new relationship.

Types of Contraception available:

  • The Morning After Pill emergency contraception.
  • “The Pill” a daily tablet. Works well if taken reliably.
  • The Mini-pill often used when the combined pill is not suitable.
  • Condoms readily available, high failure rate with inexperienced users, but helps reduce risk of infection.
  • “The Depo” a very reliable contraceptive injection given every 12 weeks.
  • The Implant a small hormone rod inserted into the upper arm, lasts 3 years, very low failure rate.
  • The Coil (copper coil and hormone coil) a small device placed into the womb, providing reliable easily reversible contraception.

Monday-Friday: routine contraceptive appointments are available throughout the week at all our 9 sites, including some evening clinics.

Emergency contraception can be requested by phone from our Urgent Care Clinics. At the weekends, it can be accessed from NHS111 or from a local chemist.

NHS Choices Contraceptive Guide

Contraceptive Tool to help you choose the right contraception



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